Adele Marcia Kosman



Biografi / Biography:

Swedish composer Adele Marcia Kosman brings to life sweeping transformations of pleasure, disruption, and persistence in the form of dissected voice and pump organ performances—enhanced with sparse field recordings and algorithmically handled synthesis. Emotive potentialities of time-passing are explored with a striking balance between revelation and suggestion. Drawing from a multi-versed background ranging from stints in major-label-signed electronic pop and electroacoustic academic endeavours to experiences as a back-end developer, the flesh of Kosman’s world enfolds the listener in a process of potent instability and delicate re-iteration.

In the upcoming fall of 2023, Adele Marcia Kosman is set to release her first solo album, titled "VOLVM 2. pieces." This album will be launched under the experimental music label Echo & Altar Records, a venture she co-founded with fellow composers Anton Berglund, Saga Fagerström, and Arvid Kraft.

Photo: John Scarisbrick

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