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Biografi / Biography:

FASCIA is the main artistic project of electronic multimedia composer August Norborg. Through combining her unconventional methods of music production with 3D animation and generative visual art as well as programming and a practice of instrument design, she explores ideas of queer and sensual relations of technology, and expanding the borders of the body from trans(humanist) perspectives.
Inspired by aestheticism, her works also often explore sense perception itself and looks for potentialities in it’s many thresholds.
The project name FASCIA implies physicality, interconnectedness and abilities of stretching and transformation. A main aspect of the project is building interfaces of bodily extensions, while also recognising and encouraging the subjectivity of the technologies themselves. The methods of sound generation created throughout the project often have an element of intentional instability, having to be handled with care, and refusing to enter into submission to a compositorial will.  
In the same spirit the lyrical content of the project conveys often surrealist imagery of bodies morphing and will itself bending and expanding flesh.
The multimedia aspects of the project serves the same goal because of it’s interconnected nature. The visuals are reactive towards or generated from the sonic content it is fed, and aspects of feedback are frequently used. The physical tools developed within the project aim to create a flowing and surreal live performance, where ephemeral elements such as light or movement through air morph the sonic content.

The ideal state of a FASCIA live performance is one of full interconnectivity, where the performer and her tools, the aural landscape and the visual projections become a single being which stretch and morph it’s components and tissues in poetic motion.

Photo by Henrik Heikki Hellström

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