Aurélie Ferrière



Biografi / Biography:

Aurélie Ferrière is a composer and music producer based in Sweden, also active within graphic arts and staging. Sax Records has been the exclusive showcase for her projects since 2010. Active as a composer at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm since 2016, Aurélie explores tones, space and environment during residencies at OBRAS (Portugal), CAMP (France) or VICC (Sweden). In 2017 she joined the Ocean Mapping Expedition in its 4-year long sailing journey around the earth, to collect sounds from under and over the sea and create MUSICOMEXP, an experiment about writing a music piece without notes, from frequencies not organized by a human brain. Taking the artist and the listener to unexpected places both geographically and psychoacoustically, MUSICOMEXP premiered in a former underground nuclear reactor in 2018, has been performed worldwide, mixed in 3D to the specific acoustics of each space, and released with artworks, day log and sailing maps in 2019. Aurélie has been invited to perform twice as part of the official SXSW music programme, in 2015 with CIKATRI$, her project processing stereotypes on the indie music scene, and then again in 2019 with MUSICOMEXP. Aurélie studied violin at Bordeaux Conservatoire then graduated as Tonmeister at Paris Conservatoire. After working in studios in the US she returned to Europe to develop her own artistic practice as well as free-lance as a music producer, collaborating with major orchestras and operas in the EU. She has worked for the Swedish National Radio as a music producer and score supervisor for the live streaming of their symphony orchestra’s productions, also being in charge of South Sweden for all types of music. Aurélie’s interest in staging has grown with the diversification of her artistic practice. After joining the creative team of several opera productions, unfolding the process of opera staging has led her to turn to music theater in her creation. She was a finalist at the Mauricio Kagel composition competition 2022 in Vienna.

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