Diane Barbé



Biografi / Biography:

Based in Berlin since 2015, Diane Barbé explores the intersections of ecology and experimental music, working with field recording as much as with synthesis, flutes and acoustic instruments. She has performed solo in experimental music festivals and venues like INA-GRM Paris, Nachtdigital and Documenta15 in Germany, Rota at AADK Spain, Ankali in Prague, and Maerz Musik in Berlin. She collaborates with Laure Boer on the duo Arbore, a radical improvisation prism that opens onto drone, noise, lullabies, and technoid evocations. In 2022 Diane released the field recording album “a conference of critters” with the phonography label forms of minutiae; it was entirely recorded in Thailand, playing with the sonic appearance and disappearance of the recordist. Another album comes out in 2023 with First Terrace Records, which features The Alien Kin, a growing ensemble of handmade whistles, flutes, clay vessels and sound makers, used to explore the playful spaces of interspecies communication. Diane has created music instruments, sound pieces and installations at Floating University Berlin, Grabowsee in Brandenburg, the St Marthe stone quarry in Marseille, Global Forest in the Black Forest, and the biological research station of Kilpisjärvi in the Finnish arctic. She strives to collaborate with dancers, dreamers, sound-makers, image-makers, poets, whistlers and all other kinds of creatures.

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