Mareike Dobewall



Biografi / Biography:

As an artistic researcher, director, scenographer, and composer, Mareike traverses boundaries and disciplines to create inspiring experiences that captivate the senses and challenge conventional notions of space and sound. Mareike's journey into the realm of artistry began with her pursuit of filmmaking in the vibrant city of Berlin. She sought to delve deeper into the intricacies of spatial design and its profound impact on performance when she studied scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, acquiring a profound understanding of how space and design can shape and enhance the audience's experience. During an Erasmus exchange at the HZT (Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin) Mareike Dobewall expanded her artistic palette further through the study of choreography, bringing extra attention to the space(s) of a body and the body of a space. Mareike Dobewall sees spaces not merely as empty containers waiting to be filled, but as dynamic collaborators, integral to the immersive and transformative power of her work. With meticulous attention to detail, she crafts sonic landscapes that resonate with the very essence of the spaces themselves, captivating audiences and inviting them into a realm of shared experience. Central to Mareike's artistic vision is her exploration of social spaces and their role in forging connections between individuals. She recognizes the profound significance of the spaces we inhabit, viewing them as catalysts for interaction and shared meaning. Through rigorous exploration and experimentation, Mareike uncovered new dimensions of the scenographic potential inherent in acoustic sound through her PhD studies. In October 2021 she completed her PhD at Stockholm University of the Arts. Her doctoral research project, titled "Voicelanding – Exploring the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-sensitive performance," epitomizes her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and challenging traditional modes of perception. In her quest to push the boundaries of her craft, Mareike recently began collaborating with nature itself. The string trio “From Wood” which is based on intricate traces of insects found in a piece of wood, and the spatial sound performance “Musica Mundana” that was created in Reaktorhallen in Stockholm, informed by scientific research in Astrophysics are current examples of this. Mareike Dobewall is based in Stockholm and works internationally as freelancing artist, researcher and teacher.

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