Marika Madeleine Markström


Marika Markström / DMN7


Biografi / Biography:

Marika Markström / DMN7 is currently a Sthlm based audiovisual artist with a BA in electroacoustic composition from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm 2023 and an MFA from Malmö Art Academy 2014.

Marika’s pieces are multilayered and poetic, often marked with anthropocenic imprints, existential phenomena and accents of systems theory. She is interested in how ideas spread and materialize; how (un)conscious mechanisms within the self and the outside world interact and crystallize in various (im)material forms. Also movements between artificial – natural and hard – fragile often return in her art. These are some of the most tangible aspects within her musical pieces too, where dark, machinic synths meet archaic voices and vibrant instrumental timbres. Since the last years she has started to explore fields between electroacoustic atmospheres and ensemble or choral music.

Marika’s expression has always been interdisciplinary where music, sculpture, painting, light and video meet in the borderlands of each other, sometimes combined with collaborations, text, fashion and more. The works are separate but simultaneously parts of a spatial whole. Visually she touches a kind of thorn minimalism, where urban fragments meet rural in subtle, half-abstract ways.

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