Mikaela Finne



Biografi / Biography:

Mikaela Finne is a country artist from Vasa, referred to as the “Outlaw Queen of Finland”, but based in Stockholm since years back. Mikaela possesses a voice that not only captivates the present but also echoes the legends of past generations. Her ability to infuse raw emotion into every note, the power to command a stage, and the sincerity she exudes through her performances make her a true musician for the ages. By embracing her music, you witness the rise of an iconic voice that will undoubtedly leave a profound impact on the world. She has been pointed out as one of the hottest up and coming country acts from Scandinavia, and is undoubtedly one to watch. On august 27th, 2021, Mikaela released her sophomore album Time Stands Still. The album is produced by Brady Blade, and on three tracks you’ll hear non other than Al Perkins on steel.

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