Photo: Liselotte Persson

Nordic Network for Feminist Collaboration in New Music is a collaboration between Konstmusiksystrar and Damkapellet that brought together composers, musicians and researchers in a series of workshops in 2022. Damkapellet is a feminist musical collective based in Copenhagen that highlight and perform music by artists who define themselves as women, non-binary or transgender people. The purposes of the workshops were to strengthen the bonds between music creators in the Nordic countries and develop sustainable feminist working methods for musical collaboration. The project was initiated by Anna Jakobsson, executive leader for Konstmusiksystrar, and the composer and project manager Kajsa Antonsson. The project was realised with support from Nordic Culture Point and Svensk-danska Kulturfonden. 

Photo: Liselotte Persson

The first workshop took place in KonsertKirken in Copenhagen in April 2022. The workshop was on the theme of listening and was facilitated by Anna Jakobsson in her role as a researcher and performance maker. In the workshop, the participants practised various ways of giving and taking authority in their roles as musicians and composers. The workshop methodolgy was influenced by the Italian feminist movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s and the concept of affidamento (entrustment).

Photo: Liselotte Persson

The second part of the project took place at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö in June and consisted of two all day workshops led by the percussionist and researcher Jennifer Torrence and the composer, teacher and researcher Juliana Hodkinson. Jennifer Torrence’s workshop was centred on the notion of risk-taking in the context of chamber musical situations, focusing on group dynamics and interplay. The participants were invited to reflect on what kind of roles they usually take up in a group and then encouraged to go against their habitual impulses and patterns of working. In Juliana Hodkinson’s workshop, the participants were invited to explore collectivity through multiple sound and speaking exercises. The workshop drew on Juliana’s research on resonance which explores how composition training can develop to become more focused on peer-learning and collective thinking. 

Photo: Liselotte Persson


Irene Bianco

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Kajsa Antonsson

Anna Jakobsson 

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