Rönnells Antikvariat

In the winter of 2020/2021, Konstmusiksystrar organised three evenings in collaboration with the bookshop Rönnells Antikvariat in Stockholm.

Anna Jakobsson and Ida Mirow. Photo: Hampus Andersson

The first evening was called “Drömmen om galenskapen” (The Dream of Madness) and was curated by Anna Jakobsson from Konstmusiksystrar and the writer Ida Mirow, who runs the online literary magazine Pralin Magasin. The artist and composer Fågelle (Klara Andersson) from Konstmusiksystrar and Anna Nygren, poet and writer, performed music and read text on the subject. After the performance, they participated in a conversation about the conditions of creativity and madness.

Fågelle and Anna Nygren. Photo: Hampus Andersson

The second evening was curated by composer Kajsa Magnarsson who had invited prominent philosopher Jonna Bornemark and artist Jenny Wilson to perform and converse on the theme “Moderskapet och jaget” (Motherhood and the Self). The evening was filled with music, poetry and conversations about experiences of motherhood in relation to artistry.

Jonna Bornemark and Kajsa Magnarsson. Photo: Hampus Andersson
Jenny Wilson. Photo: Hampus Andersson

The third evening took the form of a podcast recording on site in Rönnells Antikvariat where Konstmusiksystrar, lead by composer Adele Marcia Kosman, invited Emilia Engblad Berangér, artist and politician, and Åsa Stjerna, Professor of Sonic Art, to discuss sound and the climate crisis under the theme "Ljuva brus/invasiva buller" (Sweet sounds/Invasive noise). The conversation was structured in three perspectives or levels where each level was interpreted by a participant in an audio short story: "Infrastructure and Urban Planning", "Freedom for the Individual and the Political Map", and "Place for an Inner Life."

Åsa Stjerna, Adele Kosman and Emilia Engblad Berangér. Photo: Hampus Andersson

With support from Stockholms stad and Kulturrådet.

Members involved: